Databases: AZURITE License Application Query Utility

This utility will allow you to query the ADEQ AZURITE database to obtain status information on license applications that are currently being processed. Like all other information on our site, data retrieved with this utility is subject to our disclaimer.

How to Use the Search

Specify criteria in one or more fields below and then click the Search button. Clicking the Search button, without specifying any search criteria, will return the entire listing.

Use the "^" (caret) character, accessed by hitting SHIFT 6 on your keyboard, to narrow your search to records that begin with a particular string. For example, using ^ACME will only return records that begin with the string "ACME". Simply specifying ACME (without the caret) will return records that contain "ACME" anywhere within the string.

Query the AZURITE Database

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The following table provides an overview of the data elements:

Data Element:Description:
Application IDA number generated by AZURITE to uniquely identify a license application.
ApplicantThe name of the Customer (Individual or Organization) that is applying for the license.
PLACE NameThe name of the AZURITE PLACE (Site, Facility, etc.) for which the license is requested.
PLACE CityThe city closest to the PLACE for which the license is requested.
License CategoryA "type" of license issued by ADEQ as defined in A.A.C. R-18-1-501
Current StatusA description of the current, overall status of a license application.
ADEQ Staff AssignedThe name, phone number and e-mail address of the ADEQ staff person currently assigned to process the application.
Recent ActivityA history of up to five of the most recent milestones associated with processing the license application.