Burn Number Identifiers

ADEQ has jurisdiction over these agencies
ADEQ has no jurisdiction over these agencies

Burn Number Identifiers Office Agency
ADOT Arizona Department of Transportation Arizona Department of Transportation
ASD Arizona Strip Bureau of Land Management
ASF Apache Sitgreaves National Forest U.S. Forest Service
AZS Arizona State Forestry Arizona State Forestry
BAR Buenos Aires U.S. Fish Wildlife
BWR Bill Williams Refuge U.S. Fish Wildlife
CAP Canyon De Chelly National Park Service
CBR Cibola U.S. Fish Wildlife
CGP Casa Grande Ruin National Park Service
CNF Coronado National Forest U.S. Forest Service
COF Coconino National Forest U.S. Forest Service
COP Coronado Memorial National Park Service
CPR Cabeza Prieta U.S. Fish Wildlife
CRA Colorado River Bureau of Indian Affairs
CRD Colorado River Bureau of Land Management
FBP Chiricahua Monument National Park Service
FFD Flagstaff Fire Department Flagstaff Fire Department
FTA Fort Apache Bureau of Indian Affairs
FYA Fort Yuma Bureau of Indian Affairs
GCP Grand Canyon Park National Park Service
HOA Hopi Bureau of Indian Affairs
HUP Hubbell Trading Post National Park Service
IMR Imperial U.S. Fish Wildlife
KGR KOFA U.S. Fish Wildlife
KNF Kaibab National Forest U.S. Forest Service
LAP Grand Canyon National Park (Mohave County) National Park Service
MCP-TZP Montezuma Castle National Park Service
NAA Navajo Region Bureau of Indian Affairs
NAP Navajo Monument National Park Service
NPS Flagstaff Monument National Park Service
ORP Organ Pipe Cactus National Park Service
ORO ORO Ranch Private Land ORO Ranch Private Land
PFP Petrified Forest National Park Service
PHD Phoenix Bureau of Land Management
PMA Pima Bureau of Indian Affairs
PNF Prescott National Forest U.S. Forest Service
PPA Tohono O'Odham Bureau of Indian Affairs
SAD Gila District Bureau of Land Management
SAP Saguaro National National Park Service
SBR San Bernardino U.S. Fish Wildlife
SCA San Carlos Bureau of Indian Affairs
SGP Southern Arizona National Park Service
SRA Salt River Bureau of Indian Affairs
TCA Truxton Canyon Bureau of Indian Affairs
TNF Tonto National Forest U.S. Forest Service
TOP Tonto Monument National Park Service
TUP Tumacaori Park National Park Service
WEA Western Region Bureau of Indian Affairs
XXA Camp Navajo Department of Defense
XXH Ft Huachuca Department of Defense