Water Quality Division

Welcome to the Water Quality Division

The mission of the Water Quality Division is to protect and enhance public health and the environment by ensuring safe drinking water and reducing the impact of pollutants discharged to surface and groundwater.

Our core responsibilities include:
  • Ensuring that Arizona's public water systems deliver safe drinking water
  • Identifying water pollution problems and establishing standards to address them
  • Investigating complaints and violations of Arizona's water quality laws, rules and permits
  • Issuing permits to protect Arizona waters from point sources of pollution
  • Managing the quality of water resources through partnerships within the natural boundaries of the state's watersheds
  • Monitoring and assessing the quality of surface and groundwater throughout the state
  • Regulating the discharge and treatment of wastewater

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The Arizona Drinking Water Rules require community water systems to produce Consumer Confidence Reports annually and submit them to ADEQ by July 1st. The rules are located in the Arizona Administrative Code, Title 18 Chapter 4 Article 7.
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The Water Quality Division processes thousands of water and wastewater permits and plans every year in accordance with three core programs - the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, and Aquifer Protection Permits.
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