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Databases: Emissions Bank Credit Database Search

The Emissions Bank Registry lists available credits for use, sorted by pollutant type, status of credit availability, location of the credits, or the company owning the credits. Use the search utility below to view the Emissions Bank Registry.

This utility will allow you to query ADEQ's database to obtain information relating to Emission Reduction Credit accounts. Like all other information on our site, data retrieved with this utility is subject to our disclaimer.

How to Use the Search

Specify criteria in one or more fields below and then click the Search button. licking the Search button without specifying any search criteria, will return the entire listing.

Usethe "^" (caret) character, accessed by hitting SHIFT 6 on your keyboard, to narrow your search to records that begin with a particular string. For example, using ^ACME will only return records that begin with the string "ACME". On the other hand, simply specifying ACME (without the caret) will return records that contain "ACME" anywhere within the string.

  • Pollutant: choose from particulate matter, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, or volatile organic compounds.
  • Account Status: choose from pending, open (certified), or closed
  • Place Name: refers to the name of the source that generated the credits (i.e., "North Phoenix Acme Co.")
  • Company Name: refers to the name of the company responsible for the facility that generated the credit (i.e., "Acme International Products Inc.")

The table below provides an overview of the data elements.

Data ElementDescription
Account NumberA number generated by AZURITE to uniquely identify an emission reduction credit account.
Account StatusStatus of the Account.
Company NameThe name of the Customer that the emission reduction credit account is for.
Contact Phone NumberThe phone number of the contact.
Place NameThe name of the Place that the emission reduction credits were created for.
Place AddressThe location of the Place (if available).
Place Driving DirectionThe driving directions to the Place (if available).
Place Lat/LongThe latitude and longitude of the Place (if available).
PollutantThe pollutant that the emission reduction credits are valid for.
Reduction DateThe date the credits were certified for the account.
Credit TypeThe type of credit. Credit types are Conditional, Certified, Pending Sale, Pending Retirement, Retired, and Final sale (will only be shown if the closing of the request is less than three months old).
Credit AmountThe amount of the credit.

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