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Air Quality Division: Permit Applications

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  • Standard Applications and Guidance
    • Registration Application -- (PDF)
    • Registration Guidance -- (PDF)
    • Class II Permit Application -- (PDF)
    • Class I Permit Application -- (PDF)
    • Minor NSR Guidance -- (PDF)
      ADEQ recommends that facilities consult with permit staff to ensure fast processing of permit applications. Two types of meetings are available, a pre-application meeting and an application submittal meeting. The pre-application meeting will help identify the components that an applicant will need to include as part of their application submittal as well as expected timelines. An application submittal meeting will assist in verifying that the application has all the required information for ADEQ to make a licensing decision. Additional information regarding meetings is available by contacting the Air Quality Permit staff at (602) 771-4527.
    • Emissions Calculations Template -- Download Form (Excel)
    • Permit Transfers -- (PDF)
  • Some activities such as mining can include multiple permits from different divisions. See the Environmental Permitting Requirements - Proposed Potash Mining in the Holbrook Basin Information Sheet as an example.

    To view the most updated permit applications, visit our new website at

    To view the most updated general permits, visit our new website at

  • Source-Specific Applications
    • Air Curtain Incinerators (ACIs)
      • General ACI Permit Application -- (PDF)
      • General ACI Permit -- (PDF)
    • Commercial and Industrial Boilers
      • General Boiler Permit Application -- (PDF)
      • General Boiler Permit -- (PDF)
      • General Boiler Permit Calculations -- Download Form (Excel)
    • Concrete Batch Plants (CBPs)
      • General CBP Permit -- (PDF)
      • General CBP Technical Support Document -- (PDF)
    • Crushing and Screening Plants (C&S)
      • General C&S Permit -- (PDF)
      • General C&S Technical Support Document -- (PDF)
      • C&S Inspection Checklist -- (PDF)
    • Hospitals
      • General Hospital Permit Application -- (PDF)
      • General Hospital Permit -- (PDF)
      • General Hospital Permit Calculations -- Download Form (Excel)
    • Hot Mix Asphalt Plants (HMAPs)
      • General HMAP Permit -- (PDF)
      • General HMAP Technical Support Document -- (PDF)
      • HMAP Inspection Checklist -- (PDF)
    • Soil Vapor Extraction Units (SVEUs)
      • General SVEU Permit Application -- (PDF)
      • General SVEU Permit -- (PDF)
      • General SVEU Technical Support Document -- (PDF)
  • Non-Road Engine Checklist -- (PDF)
  • Application Form for Open Burning
  • Control of Air Emissions from Process Operations -- (PDF)
  • Guidance on Assuring Compliance with SIP Rule 9-3-301 and Major NSR -- (PDF)