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Waste Programs Division: About the Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning Program

About the Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning Program

ADEQ's Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning Program requires certain Arizona businesses to use their knowledge of their operations to reduce toxic substances at the source, minimize the generation of hazardous waste and prevent the release of pollutants into the environment by creating and implementing a P2 Plan that is reviewed and accepted by ADEQ.

The success of Arizona's P2 Planning Program is due in part to the continued awareness among the regulated community of the benefits that come from participating in the program. Many companies understand the importance of P2 and have moved away from a pure compliance philosophy. They have learned that public expectations are a better gauge to drive their environmental programs, not minimum compliance with regulations. Businesses are beginning to establish overriding environmental principles designed to govern company-wide decision-making and to ensure they are moving well beyond the minimum standards set by regulations.

What is a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan? P2 Planning Statute
The Purpose of the P2 Planning Program Regulatory Program Requirements
Creating a Successful P2 Program for Your BusinessToxic Release Inventory
Arizona P2 PolicyProgress Report Instructions 03/14/16 -- (PDF)
Determination of P2 Plan Filing Status Form -- (PDF)

New P2 Plan Cover Sheet and Instructions -- (PDF)
New P2 Plan Complete Set -- (PDF)
Section 1 Only -- (PDF)Section 4 Only -- (PDF)
Section 2 Only -- (PDF)Section 5 Only -- (PDF)
Section 3 Only -- (PDF)Section 6 Only -- (PDF)

P2 Plan Amendment Cover Sheet and Instructions -- (PDF)
P2 Amendment Complete Set -- (PDF)
Section 1 Only -- (PDF)Section 3 Only -- (PDF)
Section 2 Only -- (PDF)Section 4 Only -- (PDF)

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If you're part of the general public and would like to learn more about how P2 benefits you, click on P2 for the General Public

What is a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan?

A P2 plan is a written, stand-alone management document that provides information on the facility operations that directly or indirectly produce waste or use toxic substances. The plan achieves the following objectives:

  • Records the facility's toxic substance use, emissions and waste from current work practices;
  • Outlines potential P2 opportunities and provides specific performance goals, including a schedule for implementing these pollution prevention activities;
  • Documents that the facility has performed a rigorous P2 assessment;
  • May include information on past P2 activities that have already been completed at the facility.

Need Assistance?

ADEQ staff can assist you with:

  • Completing a P2 plan; P2 plan amendments, and/or annual progress reports,
  • Identifying P2 opportunities, or
  • Answering questions about the program requirements.
Click here for our contact information.

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The Purpose of the P2 Planning Program

As Arizona grows, so does the generation of hazardous waste and the use of toxic substances. A great way for businesses and citizens to improve Arizona's environment is to reduce hazardous waste generation and the use and release of toxic substances without shifting the pollutant release between land, water or air. The purpose of the P2 Planning Program is to:

  • Reduce the use of toxic substances and hazardous waste generation in our state;
  • Emphasize the preference for source reduction over recycling, waste treatment or disposal;
  • Encourage reduction through use of methods such as:
    • Substitution with a less toxic chemical;
    • Product reformulation;
    • Process modification;
    • Improved housekeeping;
    • Recycling/Reclamation;
    • Conservation and waste minimization.

Our pollutant source reduction extends to:

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Creating a Successful P2 Program for Your Business

Facilities have implemented a variety of P2 programs in Arizona. Click here to read the elements that are considered important by the most successful P2 programs.

Arizona P2 Policy

In Arizona House Bill 2121, the Arizona legislature adopted a state P2 policy as follows:

"In the interest of protecting the public health and safety and the environment, the legislature declares that it is the policy of this state to:
  1. Encourage P2 whenever technically and economically practicable, without shifting risks from one part of a process, environmental medium or product to another.
  2. Reduce the amount of hazardous substances used and reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated in this state."

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P2 Planning Statute

The Arizona P2 Planning Program can be found in Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 49-961 through 973:

  • 49-962: Toxic Data Report; progress report; exemption
  • 49-963: P2 plan; progress report; exemption
  • 49-964: Review of reports and plans; enforcement; contempt
  • 49-965: P2 technical assistance program
  • 49-967: Availability of information to the public
  • 49-968: Department rules for adding or deleting toxic substances
  • 49-969: Consumer product information
  • 49-972: P2 plan for state agencies
  • 49-973: Toxic data report for state agencies

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Regulatory Program Requirements

  1. Determine if a P2 Plan must be filed for the facility:
    • Review the filing thresholds. There are several different thresholds that, once any one is exceeded, could require a P2 plan to be filed. The thresholds are related to hazardous waste generation or shipment or toxic substance use. If the facility does not meet any of the thresholds, a P2 plan is not required. If the facility does meet a threshold, proceed to step 2.
    • What are the required filing thresholds?
  2. Determine if the facility is exempt:
  3. Complete a Determination of P2 Plan Filing Status Form and submit to P2 staff for review. The P2 Program has determination forms with specific questions that facilities can complete. Once the forms are returned, P2 staff can review and determine if a P2 Plan is required. Contact P2 staff for a P2 Determination form.
  4. Contact P2 staff for Plan forms.
  5. Provide a Toxic Data Report to the department each year on July 1, which includes:
    • A P2 Plan Annual Progress Report on completion of the specific reduction goals which includes:
      • Completion status (on schedule; closed; delayed; dropped)
      • How much reduction was achieved

    • An Annual Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) Report *
      • U.S. EPA: Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) Form A or Form R

      *Note: ADEQ will automatically receive a copy of your TRI forms if you submit the forms to the U.S. EPA using the TRI-MEweb software. In that case a hard copy submittal to ADEQ is not required. Hard copies of trade secret TRI forms should be submitted to the address identified below for P2 Plan submittal.

    • Any needed P2 Plan Amendments
      • To make changes to an existing P2 plan
      • To extend the time frame of an existing plan
      • To add new goals or amend existing goals

    Mail the completed P2 Plan to:
    Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
    WPD Sustainability Programs Unit
    Pollution Prevention Program – 5th Floor
    1110 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007

  6. Check out the ADEQ’s helpful P2 documents on how to complete your plan, develop goals and train your employees in P2:

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Toxic Release Inventory

Arizona facilities are required to meet the federal Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements if they meet the federal filing thresholds. To verify if your facility meets the federal filing thresholds refer to the EPA's TRI Threshold Screening Tool.

Arizona facilities are required to send their TRI Reports to ADEQ under the state pollution prevention laws. However, in the interest of pollution prevention, ADEQ now receives Arizona TRI forms electronically from the U.S. EPA when a facility submits them using the U.S. EPA's TRI-MEweb software. Therefore, ADEQ does not require faculties to submit hard copies of the TRI report to ADEQ if they submit TRI forms using the U.S. EPA TRI-MEweb software. ADEQ shares these reports when requested with the public and other interested parties. The forms are due by July 1, each year. The report includes the Form R or the Form A.

Please note that effective January 1, 2014 facilities will be required to report all non-trade secret Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data to EPA using the TRI-ME web online reporting application. EPA TRI Rule.

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