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Waste Programs Division: Solid Waste Management: Facilities, Permits, and Plan Reviews

Solid Waste Facilities

The following types of facilities are subject to Solid Waste Facility Plan approval or Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) requirements.

Solid Waste Facility Planning and Permitting Requirements - A solid waste facility may be subject to one or more of these requirements:

  • Notices (A.R.S. § 49-762.07)
    All solid waste facilities are required to file a notice with ADEQ's Solid Waste Plan Review Unit no later than 30 days prior to operation for new facilities. A notice must provide:

    • Facility name and mailing address;
    • Legal description by township, range and section, and county assessor's book, map and parcel number;
    • Description of waste storage and treatment equipment and methods of waste management, including types and volumes of waste handled and time the waste remains on site;
    • Description of waste management practices used at the facility including measures taken to protect the environment and to protect the public health;
    • A diagram of the property showing the location of the solid waste facility or facilities.
  • Solid Waste Facility Plan Review Fees
    With each application submitted for approval pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-762.03, the applicant must remit an initial fee. ADEQ does not review a Solid Waste Facility Plan until the appropriate fee is received from the applicant.

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