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Water Quality Division: Monitoring and Assessment: Water Quality Data Submissions

ADEQ's ambient monitoring and assessment programs are seeking data to support surface and ground water quality assessments.

The type of data the programs are looking for is all surface and ground water quality data collected in streams, lakes, springs, or from wells collected by permitees, volunteers monitoring groups, resource management agencies.

Samples must be collected and analyzed using approved methods. Surface water quality data must meet credible and scientifically defensible data requirements established in Arizona's Administrative Code R18-11-602. This rule requires that data submissions be accompanied by sampling plan and quality assurance plan documentation.

ADEQ is requesting the following data or information to assess water quality based on numeric and narrative water quality standards:

  • Water quality chemistry and physical measurements;
  • Conventional field measurements (dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, Secchi depths, stream flow, sample depth, lake depth);
  • Escherichia coli bacteria counts;
  • Bioassessment and habitat monitoring;
  • Physical integrity monitoring, especially "pebble count" measurements;
  • Fish tissue analysis;
  • Algal samples, especially chlorophyll-a and blue-green algae;
  • Extent of submerged aquatic vegetation, especially in the shallow areas of lakes; and
  • Reports of fish kills related to water quality issues;

How do I Submit the Data to ADEQ?

All data must be submitted using an approved format so the data can be uploaded into ADEQ's water quality database and be accompanied by written assurances of data quality. The submittal methods are described in two guidance documents:

  1. The Ground Water Data Submittal Guidance Document - applies to ground water quality data.
  2. The Surface Water Data Submittal Guidance Document - applies to surface water chemistry data.

To ensure consistency many of the fields being requested have look-up tables with a predetermined set of entries to choose from. These lookup tables can be downloaded here: