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Water Quality Division: Engineering Review: Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Systems

This section provides details on how to submit an application for an Approval to Construct and an Approval of Construction for drinking water treatment and distribution systems. An Approval to Construct is a certificate that allows an applicant to construct a public water distribution system, and an Approval of Construction is a certificate that allows an applicant to operate a public water distribution system after construction and final testing have been completed.

A public water system is a water system that provides water for human consumption through pipes or other constructed conveyances, and has at least fifteen service connections or regularly serves an average of at least twenty-five persons daily for at least sixty days a year. Water system facilities comprise of pipelines, pumping stations, force mains, storage tanks, wells, and all other structures and devices that collect, treat, and deliver drinking water to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The approval of the installation of public water systems is conducted under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), and is administered by the Engineering Review (ER) Program of ADEQ's Safe Drinking Water Section.

ADEQ's Completeness Review Guide For Engineering Review Of Drinking Water, Pool/Spa, Point-Of-Use, Sewage Collection, On-Site Wastewater Treatment Facilities, and Subdivision Projects (Form 222) requires the following necessary components for the Approval to Construct Permit and the Approval of Construction Permit.

Approval to Construct Permit

  • Water Distribution System Plans
  • Application forms
  • Design Report
  • Water Service Agreement

Approval of Construction Permit

  • As-built Plans
  • Line Testing Results
  • Engineer's Certificate of Completion

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Design Standards

Several material, construction, and testing standards are referenced by rule for drinking water treatment and distribution systems. Some commonly utilized standards referenced by rule are:

  • Engineering Bulletin 8 - Disinfection of Water Systems -- (PDF)
  • Engineering Bulletin 10 - Guidelines for the Construction of Water Systems -- (PDF)

Other system designs may be approved if the applicant can demonstrate that the system functions properly and may be operated reliably in compliance with A.A.C. Title 18, Chapter 5. Some standards may be from:

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For the most updated forms, visit our new website at


  • Approval to Construct
    • Application for Approval to Construct Drinking Water Facilities -- (PDF)
    • Drinking Water Service Agreement -- (PDF)
  • Approval of Construction
    • Time Extension Application -- (PDF)
    • Engineers Certificate of Completion (ECC) -- (PDF)
    • Data Required with ECC -- (PDF)

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Rules and Statutes

The Arizona Secretary of State maintains the current rules that are used by the ER Program. The ER Program has sectioned the rule for ease of reading.

  • Definitions -- (PDF)
  • Operator and Facility Certifications -- (PDF)
  • Minimum Design Criteria -- (PDF)
  • Safe Drinking Water Definitions -- (PDF)
  • Safe Drinking Water - Ground Water Under Direct Influence of Surface Water -- (PDF)

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Where to File Your Application

ADEQ actively maintains delegation agreements with various counties and cities. This agreement authorizes the local agency to act and process applications on ADEQ's behalf.

  • List of Delegated Agencies -- (PDF)

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