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Water Quality Division: Engineering Review: Product Listing of Proprietary and Other Wastewater Treatment Products

The Engineering Review (ER) Program of the Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) Program is required by the Arizona Administrative Code, (A.A.C, R18-9-A309(E)) to maintain a list of proprietary and other reviewed products that may be used for on-site wastewater (septic) treatment facilities. This list of proprietary and other reviewed products includes systems or components within the treatment and disposal works, if those products significantly contribute to the treatment performance of the system or provides a means to overcome site limitations. By rule, the list does not include septic tanks, effluent filters, or components that do not significantly affect treatment performance or provide the means to overcome site limitations. An application form and adequate supporting performance data is required in order to place a new product on this list.

The listing by ADEQ of any proprietary product or service is not an endorsement by ADEQ or the State of Arizona. ADEQ does not endorse, represent, guarantee, warranty or defend the use of any of the products or services you voluntarily provide information on, use, or receive. These product and service providers are a direct source unrelated to ADEQ or the stateof Arizona. Use of any listed product or service is at your risk and the State assumes no liability.

  • Frequently Asked Questions -- (PDF)


  • Listing of Proprietary Products -- (PDF)
  • Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment System Certificate -- (PDF)
  • AdvanTex AX20-RT Mode 1B and 3B Certificate -- (PDF)
  • AdvanTex AX20 Mode 1 and 3 Certificate -- (PDF)
  • AdvanTex AX100 Certificate -- (PDF)
  • AdvanTex Ax-Max Certificate -- (PDF)
  • AquaKlear Models AK5B3, AK6B3, AK6PTC, AK800CA, AK 10PTC -- (PDF)
  • Aqua Safe AS Series Certificate -- (PDF)
  • Cromaglass CA-5 Certificate -- (PDF)
  • Ecoflo Coco Filter EC7 System -- (PDF)
  • Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter System -- (PDF)
  • Enviro-Guard ENV-0.75 & ENV-0.75M Certificate -- (PDF)
  • EZflow by Infiltrator - 1002 & 1003 -- (PDF)
  • Fuji Clean CE, CE5, CE7, CE 21, & CE30 -- (PDF)
  • Infiltrator, Septic Tank Alternative Material Certificate IM-1530 -- (PDF)
  • Infiltrator, Septic Tank Alternative Material Certificate IM-1060 -- (PDF)
  • MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES6, ES6-P, ES-12 and ES12-P Certificate -- (PDF)
  • Norweco Hydro Kenetic Certification -- (PDF)
  • Nitrex AZ Series Certificate -- (PDF)
  • Norweco TNT Wastewater Treatment System Certificate -- (PDF)
  • Singulair Green 960-500 and Singulair Green 960-600 -- (PDF)
  • Zoeller Fusion ZF Series Certificate -- (PDF)


The ER Program charges a fee for the review of a new product listing application. An initial deposit of $2,000 is required to begin a review of any application. Review fees are charged at the current hourly rate of $122 per hour, and all outstanding fees must be paid in full.


  • Application for Product Listing -- (PDF)

Permit Processing Times

Product listing applications will be reviewed in a timely manner by the ER Program.

Where to File Your Application

The ER Program of ADEQ reviews all applications for product listing. Please submit all information to:

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
ATTN: Engineering Review Desk
1110 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007