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Water Quality Division: Watershed Management

Management strategies adopted by ADEQ's Water Quality Division include many methods to protect and restore water quality. Whether assessing Arizona's waters, developing plans, or funding grant projects to improve water quality, the Water Quality Division is committed to helping Arizona's citizens achieve the goals of the Clean Water Act and ensure that Arizona's waters are fishable and swimmable.

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ADEQ's Water Quality Improvement Grant (WQIG) Program allocates money from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) to interested parties for implementation of nonpoint source management and watershed protection. The distribution of grant funds from the U.S. EPA is provided pursuant to Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act and administered by the ADEQ Water Quality Division. ADEQ uses these federal funds to implement on-the-ground water quality improvement projects to control nonpoint source pollution.

Nonpoint Source Pollution

Nonpoint source pollution is polluted runoff from many different sources and remains the nation's largest source of water quality problems. It occurs when rainfall, snowmelt or irrigation runs over land or through the ground, picks up pollutants and deposits them into rivers, lakes and coastal waters or introduces them into ground water. Agriculture, forestry, grazing, septic systems, recreational boating, urban runoff, construction, physical changes to stream channels and habitat degradation are potential sources of nonpoint source pollution. Projects must focus on improving or protecting water quality within the state of Arizona.

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Partnerships are essential to effective watershed management. A watershed partnership is a coalition of community, different people and organizations, working together to address common interests and concerns with a mission to improve the health and enjoyment of their watershed.

For a list of partnerships that ADEQ is involved with and meeting dates, see the Watershed Partnerships Table.

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