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Our mission is to protect and enhance public health and the environment

As the state's environmental regulatory agency, one of our duties is to ensure that businesses and facilities abide by state and federal environmental laws and regulations. ADEQ offers several methods to bring about compliance.

The agency conducts inspections on a regular basis and in response to citizen complaints. In some circumstances, ADEQ may have to use its enforcement authorities, which may result in administrative or criminal actions. In April 2015, ADEQ issued an updated Compliance & Enforcement Handbook.

Air Quality, Water Quality, and Waste Programs each have a section responsible for inspecting regulated businesses and facilities.

Air Quality Waste Programs Water Quality
All portable sources in Arizona and stationary sources (outside of Pima, Pinal, and Maricopa counties), including:
For The Public: For Business:

The compliance sections also are responsible for receiving and analyzing most of the data reported by permitted businesses and facilities.

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ADEQ has authorized political subdivisions such as county or city agencies, to exercise certain environmental regulatory functions, powers or duties by a provision of law, including inspections and enforcement. These delegated local authorities may have standards of compliance that are stricter than those of ADEQ but not less. As Arizona's most populous counties, Maricopa and Pima have authority to enforce most environmental laws.

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ADEQ offers a variety of methods to ensure that people are in compliance with state and federal environmental laws when operating their businesses and facilities.