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Education and Outreach: Environmental Career Exploration

Maybe you know how to reduce wastes and recycle and you've heard the latest news about conserving water and keeping the air we breath clean. Perhaps you are asking yourself what else you can do. If this is the case, consider a career in the environment. If being a green-collar worker appeals to you, you might want to review the internet sites and books listed below..

Water Education Resources

Gateway Community College: Hydrologic Studies

U.S. EPA: Office of Water: Careers That Make a Difference


General Environmental Education/Career Resources

The Environmental Careers Organization
This organization strives to connect people with jobs. Through this site the user can find information about jobs, internships, conferences and much more within the environmental field.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is an overall great resource for any career exploration. The user looks up a field to find a wealth of information on a given occupation. Included are definitions, descriptions, earnings and employment projections, and basic preparation needed to enter a desired field.

University of Arizona Environmental Health Sciences MS/PhD Program

Arizona State University School of Sustainability

Gateway Community College

Masters In Environmental Science

Resources in Print

Check online, or in libraries or bookstores to find these titles and many more.

Careers in the Environment by Michael Fasulo and Paul Walker, 1995.
Learn about countless career opportunities in the environmental arena.

Careers inside the World of Environmental Science by Robert Gartner, 1996.
Explains what environmental science is, its importance and career options related to it. (Grades 6 and up)

The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century by the Environmental Careers Organization, 1998.
This is a comprehensive resource for information about environmental career opportunities and environmental career development. Includes a list of Web sites for the environmental job seeker.

Earth Work: Resource Guide to Nationwide Green Jobs by The Student Conservation Association, 1994.
Takes a comprehensive look at environmental careers, discusses trends, answers job seekers questions, etc.

ECO-Women: Protectors of the Earth by Willow Ann Sirch, 1996.
Tells the stories of nine women who have made a difference in the environmental movement in an effort to inspire young people to get involved. (Grades 4 and up)

Environmental Career Directory : A Practical Guide to Getting a Job Preserving the Environment edited by Bradley J. Morgan and Joseph M. Palmisano, 1993.
Provides vocational guidance for the environmental sciences.

Green at Work: Finding a Business Career that Works for the Environment by Susan Cohn, 1995 (Rev. and expanded ed.).
This book is for the non-technical but environmentally concerned job-seeker and contains a corporate directory of green companies.

Opportunities in Environmental Careers by Odom Fanning, 1995 (6th ed.).
Provides a discussion of careers, statistics, growth projections and advice on education and professional preparation.

Peterson's Job Opportunities in the Environment 1995, published by Peterson's Guides, 1994.
Discusses job opportunities in high-growth companies. (High school and up)

To the Young Environmentalist: Lives Dedicated to Preserving the Natural World by Linda Leuzzi, 1997.
The background and careers of several well-known environmentalists (Jim Fowler, Sally J. Cole, Edward Toth, etc.) are described. Information for career preparation is available. (Grades 6 and up)