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Our mission is to protect and enhance public health and the environment
Education and Outreach: How to Get Involved

You have a right to know about activities that could affect the quality of life and the environment in your community. ADEQ believes it is our responsibility to help you stay informed about what's going on around you, and also enable you to participate in the decisions that affect you.

Citizens contribute valuable information and ideas that improve agency decisions. Our decisions are better and gain more support and acceptance because of citizen involvement. For these reasons, ADEQ welcomes and encourages public input and participation in our decision-making processes.

We create opportunities for people to learn about issues affecting local environmental quality and what they can do to be better environmental stewards.

We offer workshops and presentations at schools, neighborhood associations, conferences, community forums and other venues to talk about our mission. We show you ways that you can help ensure that your businesses operate safely and your family is protected from environmental health hazards.

We foster partnerships and engage volunteers to help us prevent and clean up pollution, and protect Arizona's watersheds and other natural resources.

We publish and distribute materials to explain the details of our projects and to document the decisions and actions we have made.

We invite public comment and feedback on proposed rules, policies, plans and permits. We host open houses, public meetings and hearings to keep you informed about activities that could affect your area and provide opportunities to express your ideas and concerns.

We help citizens set up and participate on community advisory boards that monitor cleanup activities and represent local views and interests.

We follow the direction of numerous advisory boards whose members are appointed by the governor to represent the public and guide our policies and actions.

ADEQ realizes that some of the most important public participation activities happen without us. Citizens can contact environmental, public interest, civic and community groups that have an interest in safeguarding public health and the environment in Arizona and all its communities.

Here are several steps you can take to make your voices heard:

  • Contact us early and often about specific projects of concern to you.
  • Join a mailing list for notices, fact sheets, and other documents that ADEQ distributes.
  • Do research by talking to local officials, contacting research or industry organizations and interacting with interested groups in the community.
  • Submit written comments that are clear, concise, and well-documented. Remember that with regard to rule-making and permitting activities, ADEQ must consider all significant written comments submitted during a formal comment period.
  • Participate in public hearings and other meetings. Provide testimony that supports your position. Remember that ADEQ will hold a public hearing when a citizen specifically requests one in writing.
  • You are welcomed and encouraged to request an informational meeting if you are unclear about a proposed decision or action ADEQ may make.
  • Follow the process closely. ADEQ publicizes its decisions and responses to public comments in a variety of ways. Remember that citizens may have an opportunity to appeal agency decisions. Remember that your interest and input are important to us.