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Welcome to ADEQ for Kids!

ADEQ helps you take care of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on. Can you match these pictures to what they are?

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ADEQ Kids Quiz!
Each question can have more than one right answer. Answers are at the bottom of this page.

The air we breathe is made up of what?
[ ] Zinc
[ ] Hydrogen
[ ] Oxygen

What things pollute our air?
[ ] Vehicle emissions
[ ] Dust
[ ] Radio waves

What is water under the ground called?
[ ] Groundwater
[ ] Streams
[ ] Swimming pools

Gasoline is stored in:
[ ] Bottles
[ ] Above ground storage tanks
[ ] Underground Storage Tanks

What is the Greenhouse Effect?
[ ] Something that happens in your garden
[ ] Gases that build up in the atmosphere
[ ] A character on Captain Kangaroo

Which federal organization oversees ADEQ?
[ ] EPA
[ ] WHO
[ ] DOI

What can be recycled?
[ ] Aluminum cans
[ ] Newspapers
[ ] Grass clippings and tree trimmings

What does ADEQ do?
[ ] Protect the environment
[ ] Clean up the air
[ ] Issue permits

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Answers to ADEQ Kids Quiz

  • The air we breathe is made up of what?
    B and C: Hydrogen and oxygen are elements of air.

  • What things pollute our air?
    A and B: Vehicles and dust create a lot of air pollution. Radio waves are not breathing air pollutants.

  • What is water under the ground called?
    A: The answer is Groundwater. Streams are considered surface water.

  • Gasoline is stored in:
    B and C: Gasoline is sometimes stored above ground, but often stored underground in large tanks.

  • What is the Greenhouse Effect?
    B: A buildup of gases can cause climate changes.

  • Which federal organization oversees ADEQ?
    A: The Environmental Protection Agency establishes guidelines and laws that the Arizona Department of Enviromental Quality follows. The WHO is the World Health Organization and the DOI is the U.S. Department of the Interior.

  • What can be recycled?
    A and B: Aluminum cans and newspapers are recyclable. Grass and tree clippings are great for compost, but do NOT belong in your neighborhood recycle bin.

  • What does ADEQ do?
    A and C: ADEQ enforces state and federal regulations to help protect our environment. We also issue permits to help control the amount of pollution in Arizona. We do not clean up the air ourselves, but we monitor the air and provide information.

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