Programs: Arizona Green Business Automotive Program: Commercial Auto Repair Shops

AAA Arizona

AAA Facility in Peoria
The AAA Car Care Plus auto repair facility in Peoria, owned and operated by the Arizona State Automobile Association, has included pollution prevention and environmental protection into the design of its first repair facility in the state. Because this model facility does not have floor drains, there is no need to discharge to the sanitary sewer and no need for an oil/water separator. Aqueous parts-cleaning sinks use living microbes, instead of chemical solvents, to remove oil and grease from auto parts and tools.

Mesa Auto Shops

The City of Mesa Industrial Pretreatment Section staff saw the Green Auto Pilot Program as an opportunity to enhance their efforts to prevent hazardous wastes from getting into the city's sewer system, groundwater and storm drains. After submitting an Environmental Measures Checklist, participating shops were visited by ADEQ and Mesa inspectors to verify their environmental processes and best management practices.

Sun Devil Auto #10 and #26
Chlorinated solvents have been eliminated. Hydraulic lifts are sealed. Evaporative coolers save energy and bays on each side can be opened for ventilation
Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep
Skylights and electric carts conserve energy. Desert landscaping saves water. Freon is recycled on-site. Aqueous parts washers eliminate solvent usage. Computers provide paperless tracking for repairs and inventory.