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Programs: Arizona Green Business Automotive Program

Welcome to the Arizona Green Business Automotive Program

The Arizona Green Business Program

ADEQ has partnered with AAA Arizona, Automotive Service Association of Arizona and the City of Mesa to certify auto repair shops under the Arizona Green Business Program. The scope of this program includes not only Pollution Prevention (P2) activities, but also Resource Conservation (energy, water and recycling) efforts.

This voluntary program gives automotive service facilities an opportunity to promote an environmentally friendly approach to car repair. "Green" automotive shops set high standards for pollution prevention and resource conservation -- standards for other industries to follow. Automotive facilities that receive the Arizona Green Business certification can display a sign with the Green Business logo, showing customers that they are doing their part to protect - and clean up - our environment.

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What is a Green Shop?

Arizona Green Shops are automotive facilities that have found reasonable and cost-effective ways to protect our environment and conserve resources. These facilities go beyond the government environmental regulations all automotive repair facilities must meet. They examine their front-office processes, parts-management programs, housekeeping, parts cleaning and degreasing, fluid recycling, and energy-use policies to reduce or prevent pollution.

Green shops must qualify in two major areas - Preventing Pollution and Conserving Resources. The Green Shop Application (Word or PDF) contains a checklist of "green" accomplishments. Here are some sample criteria areas:

  • Cleaning and Degreasing - Use low-hazard, low-pollution solvents or water-based cleaning.
  • Waste Fluids - Recycle and reuse fluids whenever possible.
  • Housekeeping - Practice spill prevention, seal shop floors, recycle oil.
  • Energy Conservation - Save energy with efficient lighting, "green"office equipment, energy-efficient air conditioning.
  • Water Conservation - Properly maintain plumbing, install low-water use fixtures, use desert landscaping and dry-floor clean-up procedures.
  • Waste Reduction - Reduce paper use, recycle as many other materials as possible, buy and use recycled products when practical.

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Reasons to be Green

  • Save money by recycling and reducing maintenance costs.
  • A healthier work environment means happier employees and fewer health claims.
  • Customers prefer green shops, all other things being equal.
  • If you have a good shop, being green will make it better.
  • It's the right thing to do!

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Where can I find a Green Auto Shop?

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Can you show me some Examples of what Green Shops are doing?

ADEQ's public-private "Green Shops" partnerships encourages auto repair shop owners, managers, and employees to implement a variety of established pollution prevention practices and certify shops that meet environmental protection standards.

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How Can I Become a Green Shop?

To see how "green" your shop is or can be, refer to our Green Shop Application (Word or PDF). To become a green shop you will fill out the application and submit it to one of our green shop partners. They will work with you to develop and implement ideas to help you be green.

This program is available all across Arizona. Our green shop partners can be reached at:

For AAA approved auto repair shops:
AAA Arizona/Green Business Program
Linda Gorman, Public Affairs Manager
(602) 650-2716

For Automotive Service Association of Arizona approved auto repair shops:
ASA Arizona/Green Business Program
Luz Rubio, Executive Director
(602) 544-2600

For auto repair shops in Mesa:
City of Mesa/Green Auto Business Program
Dominick Jarnigan, Industrial Pretreatment Inspector
(480) 644-5399

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Links and Resources

ADEQ Green Shop Program Assistance
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Ian Bingham, Administrator
Arizona Environmental Performance Track Program
(602) 771-4322

California Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
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Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCAR - GreenLink©)
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End of Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation (ELVS)
ELVS carries out program responsibilities for the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program (NVMSRP), a voluntary program to recover mercury switches from scrap cars and trucks before they are shredded for recycling. The program offers incentives for switches returned through the NVMSRP. Beginning Aug. 1, 2008, payments will be $4/switch pellet and $6 for each ABS module/assembly. These incentives will be offered until funding is depleted.

EPA Region 9: Pollution Prevention for Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance
Provides links to fact sheets and documents offering technical assistance. Video Training Workbook provides approaches to dealing with items such as Aqueous Parts Cleaning, Floor Cleanup, Oil Water Separators, etc.

Oregon/Portland Pollution Prevention Outreach Team
Automotive Services Program
Best Management Practices Guide for Automotive Industries: Keep Your Shop In Tune.

Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association
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Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network
Auto Repair Topic Hub
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