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Our mission is to protect and enhance public health and the environment
Programs: Quality Assurance/Quality Control & Laboratory Services

ADEQ depends on quality environmental data to make sound decisions that protect Arizona's public health and its air, land and water resources. Our staff follow rigorous quality assurance/quality control policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of the scientific data on which decisions are based.

ADEQ Quality Management Plan

The agency's Quality Management Plan describes the processes used to maintain a Quality Management System consistent with the U.S. EPA requirements as specified in U.S. EPA Requirements for Quality Management Plans (QA/R-2 March 2001 Reissued May 2006) .

Site-specific Quality Assurance (QA) Project Plans

All environmental data collection activities conducted by ADEQ, or analytical results submitted to ADEQ for compliance or enforcement activities, must be addressed in a Quality Assurance Project Plan. These plans must be developed as specified in U.S. EPA Requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans (QA/R-5 March 2001 Reissued May 2006) .

Data Verification and Validation

Data verification and data validation are processes used to ensure, through examination and objective evidence, that data are of sufficient quality to support decisions based on data quality objectives as defined in the appropriate project or site-specific Quality Assurance Project Plan or Sampling and Analysis Plan.

Data verification is used to evaluate data for completeness, correctness, and conformance according to method, procedural, or contractual requirements. See the Data Verification Checklist for documentation requirements.

Data validation is an analyte- and sample-specific process that extends the evaluation of data beyond method to confirm that particular requirements for a specific intended use are fulfilled.

Sampling Procedures

This section contains the standard operating procedures for the collection of water, soils, sediments and sludges.

Drinking Water and Groundwater


This section contains ADEQ policies regarding analytical method requirements when quality control falls out of acceptance criteria.

Analytical Methods Update

This section contain ADEQ policies regarding program specific requirements for various analytical methods.