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Office of Border Environmental Protection

A checkpoint along the U.S. and Mexican border

Who We Are

The Office of Border Environmental Protection's (OBEP's) mission is to protect public health and the environment in Arizona border communities. This is done by promoting efforts that deal with environmental problems, and increasing collaboration with other border-focused programs. OBEP's emphasis is on boundary issues that impact Arizona's environment and citizens. This means working in a bi-national and bi-cultural setting to promote efforts aimed at improving air quality, waste management and water quality conditions in Arizona's border communities. These efforts are supported by ADEQ working with other organizations and programs that address environmental issues along the U.S.-Mexico border. This area is defined in the 1983 La Paz Agreement as a 62.5 mile (100 kilometer) zone on both sides of the boundary between the United States and Mexico.

Air Describes air related activities and projects that OBEP staff performs along the Arizona-Sonora border region.
Contact Us OBEP personnel and their contact information.
Helpful LinksA list of links to organizations that perform environmental activities along the border region.
Map of Border Region Accesses a map of the border region and notes the main sister cities.
Partnering Organizations Describes the collaborative efforts that OBEP and other entities carry out in the border region. This section contains links to reports and other technical documents.
Water Discusses water related activities that OBEP staff performs along the Arizona-Sonora border region.
WasteThis section describes waste related activities and projects that OBEP staff performs along the Arizona-Sonora border region.

Helpful Links

Border 2020 Border 2020 is a collaborative U.S.-Mexico environmental program designed to improve the environment and protect the health of the nearly 12 million people living along the border.
Arizona-Sonora Regional Workshop Link to the Region 9 Workgroups section on the EPA’s web site, containing useful information about activities that support the efforts of local task forces.
Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) The AMC’s mission is to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for all Arizonans through strong, public/private collaborations in advocacy, trade, networking and information.
Border Governors Conference (BGC) The Border Governors Conference (BGC) is the largest bi-national venue to discuss and resolve some of the most important border issues affecting the United States and Mexico.
EPA Region 9 EPA's Region 9 web site.
Children's Environmental Health Flag ProgramADEQ's Children's Environmental health web page
BARA-ARAN This web site provides a summary of the main projects that both ARAN and BARA have worked on, the last several years. ARAN is an Association in Nogales, Sonora that promotes and performs environmental activities in the region. BARA is the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology, a unique academic research unit within the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona that forms part of ARAN.

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Contact Us

Title Name/Email Phone Fax
Director Edna A. Mendoza (520) 628-6710 (520) 770-3540
Air Monitoring Coordinator Gerardo J. Monroy Herrera (520) 628-6732 (520) 770-3540
Project Manager José M. Rodríguez Olvera (520) 628-6952 (520) 770-3540
Waste Management Coordinator Gerardo Mayoral (520) 628-6717 (520) 770-3540
Hydrologist/GIS Specialist Hans Huth (520) 628-6711 (520) 770-3540

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