Air Quality Division: Air Pollution Information & Prevention

The Air Quality Division works closely with many federal, state and local agencies to develop a broad range of strategies to help prevent air pollution. The continued success of many of these programs is due in large part to ongoing cooperation from Arizona residents.

Leaf Blower Guidelines and Requirements

Beginning April 01, 2008, a new rule enforcing leaf blower operations came into effect for the Phoenix-Metro area. For more information, please review the following materials. Senate Bill 1552, which became law in July 2007, requires ADEQ to publish training materials for landscape and maintenance professionals who use leaf blowers in their occupation. The training materials developed by ADEQ are linked below. Training certification is not a requirement of the law.

Requirements for Off Highway Recreational Vehicles

Laws limiting OHV activity in Maricopa County took effect April 08, 2008. On days when a High Pollution Advisory (HPA) for particulate matter 10 microns or less (PM10) has been issued, recreational off-road activities will not be permitted. If you are planning to drive or ride an OHV within Maricopa County or the Apache Junction area, check first to see if an advisory has been issued by calling (800) 234-5677 or visit the Maricopa County Air Quality Department . You may also subscribe to receive by text message ADEQ's Air Quality Forecasts and Advisories.

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