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Heritage Environmental Services LLC (Heritage), Hazardous Waste Storage Facility
EPA ID No: AZD 081 705 402

Facility History and Description

Heritage Environmental Services is located at 284 East Storey Road, Coolidge, Arizona. The facility is an existing hazardous waste storage facility that receives a variety of hazardous & non-hazardous wastes. These materials are then segregated, consolidated, and shipped for recycling, treatment and/or disposal. The facility is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of South Arizona Boulevard and East Storey Road, and is approximately 93 acres in size.

Heritage's Coolidge facility has been permitted since 1999. Prior to the arrival of Heritage, this site was used by the Proler International facility.

Waste Management

The facility typically receives wastes via commercial hazardous waste transporters. Solid hazardous wastes are received in roll-off bins, drums, pails, and other miscellaneous-sized containers meeting Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Liquid hazardous wastes are received in drums, pails, totes, miscellaneous-sized containers meeting DOT standards, and tanker trucks.

Heritage serves various types of industries and commercial enterprises that generate hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Typical wastes accepted by Heritage include solids, liquids, and sludges; contaminated soil and debris; organic waste streams such as inks, paints, solvents; and lab packs.

Waste processing is performed in six areas: the Central Storage Area, the East Container Storage Area, the Lab and Depack Storage Area, the Roll-Off Storage area, the Dock and Van Storage Area, Bulk Loading Area (Tanker and Rail) and the 800 Storage Area. These areas may store hazardous or non-hazardous wastes.

Heritage has implemented enhanced preparedness, prevention and response requirements including maintenance of an inventory report for first responders and emergency planning information in electronic format. They have expanded the Contingency Plan to include key preparedness and prevention information and an executive summary providing contact information of facility emergency coordinators. On an annual basis Heritage offers facility tours to local emergency responders to better understand the types and quantities of hazardous materials stored at the facility.

Heritage tests incoming material to determine whether it is incompatible with other materials stored at the facility, and to determine a location for storage, and a method and location for consolidation within the facility. All received and generated wastes and material are stored and managed in approved containers.

See Also:

  • Site Location Map -- (PDF)
  • Facility Drawing -- (PDF)

Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal

ADEQ issued to Heritage a final Permit on December 2, 2013. This final Permit allows Heritage to continue to operate its hazardous waste storage and treatment facility at Coolidge for ten years. The permit is available below:

  • Permit -- (PDF)
    • Attachment A – Facility Description -- (PDF)
    • Attachment B – Waste Analysis Plan -- (PDF)
    • Attachment C – Container Storage Plan -- (PDF)
    • Attachment D – Procedures to Prevent Hazards -- (PDF)
    • Attachment E – Contingency Plan -- (PDF)
    • Attachment F – Personnel Training Program -- (PDF)
    • Attachment G – Closure Plan -- (PDF)
    • Attachment H – 40 CFR Subpart CC -- (PDF)
    • Attachment I – Recordkeeping and Reporting -- (PDF)
    • Attachment J – Corrective Action Schedule of Compliance -- (PDF)
    • Attachment K – Arizona Administrative Code -- (PDF)
    • Attachment L – 40 CFR Subpart BB -- (PDF)

    ADEQ has prepared a response to comments summary, responding to all significant comments received during the public comment period for the draft permit. The responses to comments summary and the fact sheet for the permit action is available below:
    • Response to Comments Summary for Draft Permit -- (PDF)
    • Fact Sheet -- (PDF)

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