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Water Quality Division: Data Management

ADEQ seeks to improve the availability and quality of data to make sound environmental decisions. The Water Quality Division continues to make advancement in managing and analyzing water information, including sharing data with the public, states, tribes, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other interested parties.

Water Quality Database Applications

  • Drinking Water: System permanently stores and maintains drinking water systems inventory, sample, and test data. Performs editing, validation, and quality control before accepting and storing data. Also performs drinking water system violations and compliance calculations according to federal and state regulations.

  • Surface Water: System provides information related to surface water sites; sites are described as a point in a canal, lake, spring, or stream. Sites are monitored by various environmental programs for water quality, site characteristics, measurements, observations, and water quality sampling results.

  • Groundwater: System provides information on groundwater quality monitoring activities, including a comprehensive repository on well location data, construction details, measurements, observations, and water quality sampling results.

  • Drywell: Systems tracks dry well registration information and activities, including site characteristics, depth of dry well, drainage sources, and registration, review, and approval dates for compliance determinations.

  • Water Permits and Certifications: System provides a centralized reference for the tracking of information on permit applications and respective activities prior to issuance of permits, certifications, and approvals of state and federal permits.

  • Engineering Review: System tracks activities related to the engineering review process for water treatment, sewage treatment, subdivisions, and water and sewer lines. Also tracks approvals and inspections associated with the review process.

  • Wastewater Compliance and Enforcement Tracking: System tracks compliance of wastewater emissions to permit requirements. Stores the monitoring requirements of various parameters and the test results for each permit. Also calculates the facility violation and exceedances of standards (Significant Non-compliance).

Raw Water Quality Data

U.S. EPA: STORET Short for STOrage and RETrieval, is the nation's repository for water quality data collected by government and tribal agencies and others. Arizona water quality data is updated periodically. User assistance is available at (800) 424-9067.

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