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Water Quality Division: Engineering Review: On-Site Wastewater (Septic) Treatment Facilities Review

This section provides information on how to submit an application for a Construction Authorization and Discharge Authorization for On-site Wastewater (Septic) Treatment Facilities. A Construction Authorization allows an applicant to construct an on-site wastewater treatment system, and a Discharge Authorization allows an applicant to operate an on-site wastewater treatment system after construction and final testing have been completed.

An on-site wastewater treatment facility refers to a conventional septic tank system or alternative system installed at a site to treat and dispose of wastewater, predominantly of human origin, generated at that site. The approval of the installation of on-site wastewater treatment facilities is conducted under the Arizona Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) General Permit program, and is administered by the Engineering Review (ER) Program within the Aquifer Protection Permit Program.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic System U.S. EPA,
December 2002

ADEQ Form 222 is the Completeness Review Guide for Engineering Review that provides a quick overview of the requirements for application submittals for Subdivisions, Sewage Collection Systems, and On-site Wastewater (Septic) Treatment Facilities. In addition, an applicant must consult the Delegation Agreement Matrix to determine where the application must be submitted. The Application Fees section of this web site can be used to determine the applicable fees for this type of application. Information on the maximum length of time that ADEQ is allowed in order to process this type of review can be found under Application Processing Times.

As detailed in ADEQ Form 222, the primary components necessary to obtain a Construction Authorization Permit Authorization are:

  • On-site Wastewater System Construction Plans
  • Application forms
  • Design Report
  • Uniform Site Investigation Report Form

The primary components necessary to obtain a Discharge Authorization Permit are:

  • As-built Plans
  • Request for Discharge Authorization form
  • Engineer's Certificate of Completion


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Design Standards

Several material, construction, and testing standards are referenced by rule for on-site sewage wastewater (septic) treatment facilities. Listed below are some of the commonly utilized standards but is not exhaustive of all the standards referenced by rule.

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Rules and Statutes

The Arizona Secretary of State maintains the current rules that are used by the ER Program.

General Provisions, Terms, and Conditions
for On-site Systems
General Permit Technology Terms and Conditions
for flow less than 3,000 gallons per day

General Permit Technology Terms and Conditions for flow between 3,000 and 24,000 gallons per day

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Where to File Your Application

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