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Issuing permits is the primary way the government balances environmental protection with social and economic considerations. By issuing permits, approvals and certifications, ADEQ ensures facilities are legally built and operated and that discharges into the air, water and soil are within healthy standards established by law. The process also enables citizens to stay informed and involved as decisions are made about proposed activities affecting the environmental quality of their community.

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Accelerated Permit Processing

Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) R18-2-326 (I) provides for an accelerated processing of permits for those sources that request and are willing to pay for the actual cost of acceleration. As a result, ADEQ has established an Accelerated Permit Processing Program using outside contractors.

The permit applicants who wish to use this accelerated permit review process must inform ADEQ of the intent to submit a permit application under this program 60 days before submitting the permit application. This duration is needed to select the appropriate contractor and prepare the task assignment documents. The permit applicant needs to submit an application fee of $15,000 along with the request for accelerated processing. The permit application fee is applied towards the final cost of processing the permit.


The fees for an Air Quality Control Permit depend upon the type of permit that is being applied for.

2014 Summary Schedule of Fees

2014 Air Quality Permitting Fees

  • Hourly Permit Processing Fee: $153.60
  • Annual Emission-based Fee: $44.00 per ton

The Itemized Permit Processing Billing Report provides detailed billing information for permits subject to permit processing fee.

Standards and Guidelines

The Air Quality Permits Section follows the policy and guidelines of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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